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Coil Types

Coil Differences:

Here at Vaping Cotton, we carry a wide assortment of pre-built coils and also pre-twisted wire to make your own builds.  Coils vary to size, strength, ohms for avarious purposes.  Do you want more flavor, Do you want more heat in your vape?  Do you want more clouds?  Users have a myriad of reason for choosing one coil above another, but it just comes down to personal preference.

Torching Coils:

Do I need to torch my coils before the build or my wire?

Yes you should, by torching the coils, you will removes any impurities and makes your wire / coil more workable for your build. Coils hold their shape better.  People usually  lightly torch kanthal before wrapping their coil to make the wire less springy when wrapping their coil, thus making it easier to build the coil. It also helps to keep the coil shape after you have wrapped it.

Here's the most important question; Do you need to torch your coils for your build?

The simple and direct answer, is no.  It is not necessary, it just helps you build more easily, since it takes the "springiness" away from the coil.  If you do not care, then just use our pre-mae coils as is and install.  If you would like them torched, we can torch them as an option for $1.00 per coil extra, before we ship them out to you.  Please be advised, since when you get them, they will not be shiny, but rather oxidized, since the torching provides that effect.