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Juice Junkyard

Welcome to the Juice Junkyard @ Vaping Cotton.  E Juice comes in many flavors and styles, varying from sweet dessert to liquor and tobaacco flavors and everything imaginable in between.  If you go to your local vapor store, they probably have a bin of clearance juice, so here @ Vaping Cotton, we have the Juice Junkyard.  The E Juice that we choose to have in our Juice Junkyard, made it here for a variety of reasons:

1. The best reason for juices coming, is that at this very moment we chose to not carry the line for varying reasons. Either our flow of juices didn't warrant it or we chose to hold off for another reason, which doesn't mean that we will not carry it in the future.  We may and it may be our biggest seller, but for right now, it's off to the Juice Junkyard.

2. Perhaps we tried a certain flavor and we did not like it and decided, again, let's hold on the entire line for right now. Sometimes, we didn't like the bottle, the packaging ( such as the fact that it looks like a Testors Paint bottle or too square and too hard for people to vape ), the ease of use ( like I know, I'm going to have to transfer this to another bottle, as soon as i purchase it, type of deal )or even the name.  Which reminds me of another site that has their juice with very risque names, which just doesn't work for us.

3. Maybe, it's one of our great lines, that we do carry, but for some reason, its just not selling in one flavor, rather than to let it sit and steep and steep and steep, we'll put it here for clearance.

4. Some juices come sealed, some don't, but be assured, if we cracked the bottle, vaped it and didn't like it, it won't be here, we already gave it away, so whichever juices are here ARE NOT USED SAMPLES. That's just gross and we wouldn't think to sell you a sample bottle after we slobbered all over it.

5. Once it's gone, it's gone, unless we decide to carry it in the future, so first come, first served. Get it here at a discount, vape on and be happy.